Dagens Odd Molly – i tordenvejr!

Sprang lige ud mellem lyn og torden og regnbuer…

Kjole: Taradiddle Dress
Top: Rosemunde
Skørt: Private embroidered
Smykke: Lynggaard

Dryp dryp…

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  1. I love the top of your dress – do you have a link to where I could buy one please? Gosh , this reminds me that I’ve only worn my powder Taradiddle dress once, for my friends wedding back in March – Must wear it again now that the weather is lovely here!

    Have a nice day !


  2. Hi Little Miss Norway
    The top is from Rosemunde and you can find this brand in a lot of webshops.
    Try their own: http://www.rosemunde.dk/webshop/catalog/index.php
    Good luck and at nica day to you too! :)


  3. Mmm vackert, älskar Taradiddle klänningen!! Längesedan jag hade min nu, kanske skulle leta fram den…
    Kram Ina

  4. Thanks for the info my dear!

    BTW, I think I’ve just sent an email to you – check and see!!



  5. Just been to the website – they have some pretty tops – btw, are you wearing a v neck vest or a camisole?


  6. Hey, is it you! :)
    I just answered you mail ;)
    I think my top must be a v-neck. There’s 3 small buttons too.

  7. It’s like this:
    but without sleeves
    It’s this one (another colour):
    but it’s last years collection ;)

  8. LOL, knew it was!

    Will check this link out now – thanks a lot!


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