Dagens Molly med hang-overs…

Dagen derpå efter en 75 års fødselsdag hvor der blev festet hele natten… 
Så er der godtnok lyst sådan en solskinsdag i januar ;)

Odd Molly Mulholland Coat, lite indigo · Odd Molly Merino Dress, dark grey
Odd Molly Lux Wool Leggings, dark grey

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Fint og frosset:

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  1. Your frosty pictures are inspiring and make winter seem almost bearable. I am waiting for Odd Molly Spring 2011 to arrive and spread some sunshine and warmth. I noticed that you have included my webshop on your list: http://www.fullcirclestar.com. Thank you, I hope to continue to service Odd Molly lovers world wide as the new spring collection brings a smile to women around the globe.
    Karen XOXO

  2. Hi Karen
    You are so right :) Hopefully we won’t get any more snow this year. It’s not so easy living outside the city then…
    Yes, I have your shop on my list even thougt I can’t shop there myself – the danish system doesn’t allow packages from US without going through the customs :(
    Maybe I’ll have to emigrate to Sweden ;))

  3. Hello Annette,
    I have not yet sent any packages to Denmark but I have one on order for Spring from a Danish customer. I send the package as a gift under $100 and none of my Odd Molly customers have had customs problems. I have sent to Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Australia and the USA. I am sending from Canada and I think that parcels go through customs in each country but if it is a gift then there is no charge. Maybe it is different in Denmark. I will soon find out.
    I am enjoying your blog and I especially like the way that you layer your Odd Molly pieces:)
    Karen XOXO

  4. Hi Karen
    Sorry – I didn’t see this message.
    I will like to hear how it goes with the package for DK.
    Do you know by now?

    :) Annette

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